A Branding Solution

A One Size Fits All Branding Solution

What’s In A Name?

Imagine going through life without a name. You could do it, but it would be a struggle. Now imagine trying to sell real estate without a brand, especially in the crowed real estate agent community.

Branding in the Real Estate arena has been around since the early 60’s when Gallery of Homes was the top pick for Real Estate Broker affiliation. Then came the C-21’s, ERA, CB, Realty World, RE/MAX, KW, and the new guys on the block the Assist 2 sells, Zip Realty, Etc. The similarity is that they are all franchises.

There is a certain amount of comfort in following someone else’s lead, and the Real Estate franchise world is no exception. They control over 65% of all the Real Estate sales in the US market place with RE/MAX being the largest single firm in terms of units sold.

In a world where individuals are subject to an estimated 3,000 or more advertising messages each day, confusion as to what is really being advertised prevails. The public does not know who is what or what to believe. Being # 1 can be disputed, debated, or even disbelieved. Just look to the auto industry. Every manufacturer has a # 1 claim on something.

We do agree that every product or service needs a brand to separate it from the competition. Brand power is the key factor no matter what you are trying to sell.
To stand out, to get its share or attention, to make the kind of first impression that leads to more business, a brand needs to be bold, distinctive and a true reflection of the nature of it’s business.

Real Estate brokerage companies send ten’s of millions of dollars a MONTH to Franchise companies for lead generation, name recognition, and so called support.
Do Franchisees get their monies worth? If you are a Franchisee and you are sending 10k, 20k or 75k a month to the Franchisor and your company is actually losing money I would venture to say you might think you are not getting your monies worth.
Does this happen? Absolutely!

There is, however, another option or maybe a solution to the problem of excessive franchise fees.
It is called GoRealEstate.Com. What is it and how does it work.

GoRealEstate.Com was developed as a simple method to foster “Parallel Branding”.
GoRealEstate.Com is a domain name that leases keyword extensions to Real Estate Brokers or Agents for specific locations.
Some examples would be

The lessee selects the market they want and GoRealEstate.com points that selected keyword directly to their existing website or webpage of their choice thereby creating a Parallel Branding marketing solution. The agent can then advertise their exclusive keyword location to create an identity of owning that market.

GoRealEstate.Com is not a franchise but a marketing solution bringing all existing companies or agents together within one marketing solution.

The objective is to allow the public to realize that all they need to do to find a firm or an agent in a specific town is to type in the URL of www.gorealestate.com with the desired extension IE: Atlanta which would look like www.gorealestate.com/atlanta and find someone who can assist with a property search or support.

Given the fact that so many Franchisors are raising their membership fee’s GoRealEstate.com can be a back-up identity if the Brokerage Company, or Agent who may want to switch companies or even Franchise affiliations upon renewal time.

You can now benefit from this “Parallel Branding” program for only $250.00 per year. Yes your reading it correctly. Only $250.00 per year or if you are in a large town or city of over 500,000 population you can secure that name for only $250.00 per month.

Compare paying $5k, 10k, 20k or 50k a month in Franchise Fee’s for a Brand Identity or as low as $250.00 per year lease for what will be a huge National Parallel Brand.

We believe that having and exclusive “Parallel Identity” can help your Firm or Agent business grow.
If you feel the same you may write to info@gorealestate.com or call 888-393-1230 for additional information. Our support staff is standing by.

Pricing subject to change, so hurry to secure your town or keyword right away.
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